When you're shopping for the perfect windows to put in your new home, sometimes the best designs are the oldest ones.  Ever since their creation in the 16th century, sash windows have been considered to be among the most stylish and elegant forms of windows available on the market.  Their exact style has varied throughout the years originally the frame, or sash-box, was found flush with the outside wall of the structure.  Later, regulations required them to be recessed in approximately four inches, creating the recessed-wall style of sash windows.


During the seventeenth century, the sashes were always made of timber, and represent some of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in windows.  Another development in their design came about in the 'concealed box' style, the stark traditional white being recessed and concealed within the structure of the wall.  This white stood out beautifully against the red brick that was so common during this style, creating an eye-catching and heart tugging design on the colonial buildings.

These windows come in so many shapes and styles, right down to the shape of the sash, and the way the cross pieces (known as muntins) were beveled, that they can bring out the beauty in any home design.  No matter what your personal taste, there's a variety of Timber Sash Windows that will serve to enhance your home, whether it's a renovation or new construction.  It must be the over 300 years of being in use and development that make traditional sash windows look so great!