Sash Windows with Shutters

Sash windows are a beautiful piece of architecture that's been around for well over 300 years, so influential was their style that they've never fallen out of vogue in construction. Even with new innovations and advancements in material, this basic design continues to be returned to as the best of all possible styles. Even with it's sterling reputation and pedigree going back over generations, they've still go their share of problems. With a little know-how and thinking ahead, it's possible to avoid some of these issues. In the following article we're going to give you some hints on what to watch for, and how to deal with them when they crop up.

Sash Windows can start sticking for a lot of reasons, some of them quite simple to fix, others requiring a bit more work. But all of them, if properly identified and seen to can be fixed straight-away. The simplest reason is when you repaint your windows the paint can get into the tracks and cause the window to not slide properly. Simply scraping out the obstructing paint with the edge of a knife will clear that away.

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If you've got timber frame windows, it may not actually be a problem you can easily solve, but may occur depending on the season. In wetter or drier seasons, the wood will swell or shrink as moisture gets into or evaporates out of the frame. This may mean you'll find your frame stickier in some seasons than other, but any corrective action will just make things worse when the weather changes. To limit the amount of trouble you have, regular coats of paint will help to prevent cracks and seams where the water can get in.

Rot is an issue that can also be handled by ensuring that your paint is in good repair. Rot occurs when moisture gets into the timber of the frame and lets mold or mildew get in. Rot can cause a lot of damage if it gets out of control, so if you see any signs of it you're not going to want to waste any time getting it under control. There are anti-mold paints that can be used to reseal your frames in the event this problem has occurred. Another way to prevent rot is to be careful how you clean your windows, using harsh chemicals on your windows will result in damage to the paint and wood of the frames. Sufficient amounts of rot can result in the panes simply falling out of the windows, so good care is essential.

These are a couple of the most common issues that can occur with sash windows, issues that are simply avoided with consistent care and a vigilant eye. With these two issues under control your sash windows should serve you well for years to come!